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Toll-free Variety

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Toll-free Variety Telehealth was slowly taking off even before 2020. A 2017 survey showed that two-thirds if not all healthcare consumers would prefer to receive their care via virtual visits. 20% of patients were willing to switch providers to be able to opt for virtual visits. Telehealth will not be going away because it’s easy and convenient for patients. They can quickly attend appointments at home and save time.

Toll-free Variety

This trend extends to telehealth. Let’s look at digital transformation first to understand the implications of this trend. What does digital transformation mean for healthcare in the Enterpriser’s Project’s Project definition of digital transformation? It means that healthcare providers implement solutions that alter the way they work so that patients have a better experience. It is essential to understand that just implementing technology does not create a digital transformative process. This checklist will help you ensure that your healthcare company is ready to meet 2021’s needs.

What does digital transformation look like in Healthcare Organizations?

Use this real-life example to illustrate digital transformation in healthcare organizations. Dr. Gina Dorfman began teaching the telehealth methods to other dentists when businesses were closed in 2020 due to lockdowns. But her own telephone system was not sufficient to allow her to practice telecomodontistry. Instead, RingCentral’s Healthcare Communications Platform was used by Dr. Dorfman to hold virtual triage appointments. Dr. Dorfman’s transformation to a telecommuting platform has made a significant difference in the business process. It provided an improved method of managing her business and helped patients through difficult times to enjoy a positive experience.

Trend3: Healthcare will shift toward the cloud Toll-free Variety

Digital transformation within healthcare will see many healthcare organizations move more operations to the Cloud in 2021. Experts in Healthcare IT believe the cloud will be more attractive than costly on-premises solutions due to the financial stress of the global healthcare crisis, which saw patients delay elective surgeries and lower reimbursement rates for telehealth. A healthcare communications platform can help healthcare organizations move to cloud computing and offer telehealth services. Healthcare communication platforms are cloud-based and enable patients, providers, care team members, and payers quick and easy connectivity for improved outcomes and better patient experiences.

4: There will increase demand for multi-channel patient experience

However, This trend is closely ti to the more prominent theme of digital transformation. Patients today have become accustomed to multichannel experiences. While they shop for bargains in stores, they also check their phones for new deals. They expect to do the same with their healthcare providers. How can healthcare executives implement this trend in their companies? It is possible to start a health communications platform. A healthcare communications platform would allow patients to connect with payers and providers via chat, phone, and videoconference.

trend 5: Healthcare organizations have a renewed focus on efficiency

However, It’s no surprise that the American healthcare system is not at its best. A landmark 2010 study discovered that American hospitals were wasting $12 million each year due to poor communications. This problem can quickly solve by investing in collaborative communications solutions.